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 Broadcaster / Show Host on NorthWest Digital News, and hosts six other weekly shows including: Tech Tuesdays (Harry Brelsford), Master Surveillant Mindset (Darin Fredrickson), The Business Forum Show (David & Tracy Ford), Health & Wellness (Jody Summers), Real Estate Savvy (Susan Wood), and RichHotFree Entrepreneur (Carolan Deacon). Photojournalist, and Reporter. Press Credentials with the US Press Corps, American International Press.  An expert interviewer, Kevin Hunter has featured thousands of professional guests over 20+ years.



Broadcaster on NorthWest Digital News, Photojournalist, and Reporter. Press Credentials with the US Press Corps, American International Press. Chris is our seasoned political commentator and analyst, reports on local news and events, conducts investigative journalism, educational pieces, bringing attention to the every day heroes in our community, and loves anything to with food and  entertainment. With years of experience in on-site livestreaming, if you have a special story to share, Chris Bornstedt is the guy to get in touch with.



 Broadcast Technician on NorthWest Digital News, Weatherman, Photojournalist, "Color" Commentator, and Reporter. Press Credentials with the US Press Corps, American International Press. Kyle is our show technician who is responsible for producing the high quality video and audio that NDN is famous for.  He loves gaming, insects, weather, attending shows and conferences, music, and Pirating as Mr. Ferguson on the NDN Pirate Ships. He adds thoughtful commentary on our broadcasts, and is a young rising star on the NDN Cast.

Monday - the business forum show

David Ford, Action Coach


David Ford is one of the top results producing business coaches in the country. He discovered his passion for business coaching when he experienced the challenges of running a business alone. He is excited when business owners choose to objectively look at their business, make the tough decisions, and most importantly, take necessary action to follow through.  Dave facilitates dialogue to empower his clients to reach a strategic conclusion, and focuses on making things happen at all times in order to create forward momentum.  He is energized by the “Ah-ha” moments business owners get as a result of positive changes.  Dave leads the ActionCOACH team with vision to see past the challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow.

Tracy Ford, Action Coach


Tracy Ford is an award winning business coach who understands what it’s like to be a business owner with and without a coach.   Tracy is 100% committed to helping business owners create the systems that are necessary to enable consistent and predictable business results.  She has the ability to take advantage of what’s working in your business and uncover areas yet to be discovered.  She will challenge others to think and stretch to reach more, helping them to achieve the quality of life goals that drove them into business in the first place.   Tracy leads the ActionCOACH team with grit, honesty, and heart; inspiring everyone around her to take action.

Adam Wallschlaeger


Adam Wallschlaeger has a long record of successfully guiding clients to build strong and direct relationships with their target market.  He is dedicated to serving by helping, teaching, and educating business owners on their journey of building a thriving business as a legacy for their family and community.  Adam is driven to learn from industry leaders, mentors, and peers because he knows the importance of continuing education.  He works every angle of a challenge, leaving no stone unturned, to get positive results.  The discipline Adam practices in his life carries over to hold clients accountable as they work towards their goals.  Adam is a lifter and leader of the entire team at ActionCOACH.   


Harry Brelsford, SMB Nation


Harry Brelsford is the brains, mastermind, and critical thinker behind Tech Tuesdays here on NorthWest Digital News. Harry is one of the best known names in the technology community, having authored 17 books and written more than 400 articles on the tech industry. He brings us a weekly tech report which includes live broadcasts from the leading tech events and conferences around the United States. Harry Brelsford is the highly recognized and respected CEO of SMB Nation, and is an in-demand speaker at tech functions. Harry writes regular tech blogs, and has mentored over 40,000 SMB technology consultants. Press Credentials with US Press Corps, American International Press. 

Darin Fredrickson, Team Guardian


Darin Fredrickson, CPP is the Master Spy featured on Master Surveillant Mindstet. Darin is the author of several books in the criminal justice field including Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance, 2nd and 3rd edition. He is the managing partner of Team Guardian, LLC, a private investigation and training firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in physical and technical surveillance solutions, and provides surveillance training for government and civilian investigators. He has worked on cases involving Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings, gangs, drug smuggling, and human trafficking, and has trained federal, state, and local enforcement officers on the art of surveillance.


Jody Summers, Health Kindness


Jody Summers is the nutritional genius behind our Health and Wellness Show with Kevin Hunter. She is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She teaches that the body wants to heal itself when given the right raw materials and lifestyle changes. Jody teaches that healing and health is as much an art as it is a science. Jody's unique combination of both the art and science of health can educate you on how to heal naturally and restore youthful vitality to your life. 

Susan Wood, Real Estate Savvy


Susan Wood has more than two decades of experience in a variety of real estate markets, has worked with numerous professionals from countless other fields intersecting with buying & selling homes, and is a top-grossing real estate agent in the SW Washington area. She is the industry expert on Real Estate Savvy with Kevin Hunter, helping first time home buyers avoid the many pitfalls and mistakes made while trying to get into a home. Whether you are selling your home, buying a new one, or both, this is the show for you!